Young man moves into an apartment block….

On the first day he discovers the neighbour across the hall is a stunningly beautiful girl with a gorgeous body.

One day he’s just about to enter his apartment and his neighbour opens her door, she is just wearing a black lace negligee with matching panties, he can’t help but stare.

She smirks and starts making small talk , all the while flirting and leaning forward letting him glimpse her bare breasts. She suddenly grabs his arm, looks along the hallway and says “ I hear someone coming maybe you better come in my apartment “.

The man nods, follows her into her apartment and as he closes the door she lets her negligee drop to the floor.

“ What would you say was my best features?” She whispers sexily.

“ your ears”, he replies.

She looks confused for a moment, “ my ears? Why would you say my ears?”

The guy looks embarrassed and replies “ Well, earlier when you said you could hear someone coming.., it was me.”

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