You are now fish!

Catholics don’t eat meat during the 40 days of lent. Now it so happened a Muslim carpenter moved into a catholic area. Now this guy loved his barbeque and he’d be out in his garden almost daily to enjoy his afternoon feast. Now lent started and the smoky smell wafting from his garden had many people drooling, but being devout Catholics they couldn’t partake. After 2 weeks of temptation, they all got together and had their padre approach the guy for a resolution.

The padre approached the guy with the idea of conversion, that way he couldn’t eat meat during lent. So the padre came up with his arguments and why he thought it would benefit the man. The padre sweetened the pot by adding the condition that should he convert they would give me large orders like replacing the church roof and all the other orders in the area. The man thought and weighed his options and saw profit so he agreed. They scheduled a baptism for the man for the next day itself.

The padre splashes holy water on the man and says

“You were born a Muslim, you lived a life of a Muslim, but now you are Christian”

The baptism done everyone was happy and placed their woodwork orders with man and paid him advances. The padre told him he has to stop his barbeques till lent is done though he can have fish if the urge is strong.

The next afternoon again the smell of grilled meat began to waft through the area. The people complained to the padre and they made a mob to confront the man for eating meat during lent.

They approached the backyard and the guy was standing with his back to them with his hand held high holding a bottle of water, they heard him recite sprinkling the water over the grill.

“You were born a cow, you lived the life of a cow, but now you are a fish”

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