Wife needs a birthday present for her husband and only the pet store is open…

She went into the pet store, and said she wanted something for her husband. Store clerk says “get him this frog”, and shows her a pretty average looking frog
-how much is it?
– pretty steep for a common frog, isn’t it?
-oh, this is not a common frog… see, it gives blowjobs
– Oh, he’s gonna love it… i’ll take it
Wife comes home and gives her husband the frog. It’s an unusual present, but he takes it.
Later that night, the wife wakes up to a lot of noise coming from the kitchen… Her husband is not beside her, so he must be the one making all that noise. She hurries down the stairs to the kitchen, and she can hear water running, pots banging, knives chopping
…The smell of something cooking…
“oh no” -she thinks- “he’s gonna eat the frog” -HAROLD!! what are you doing!! the frog’s not for eating!!!
-Oh, I know what the frog’s for, honey… and trust me, I get that thing to learn how to cook, and YOU’RE OUTTA HERE!!

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