Wife goes to the doctor complaining that her husband farts unbelievably in his sleep. It smells so bad that it has become unbearable sleeping in the same room.

She tells the doctor that her husband won’t come to see a doctor because he doesn’t believe he has a farting problem.

Doctor suggests some pills but the wife refuses saying that the husband won’t take them. The doctor confused as why then she is here tells her joking, “why don’t you then, when he goes to sleep, stick one end of the hose in his ass and the other put it out of the window.” To his surprise the woman takes it as a real suggestion, thanks the doctor and excited leaves.

That very night she did just as instructed and gets the best night sleep for a long time. She gets up before the husband removes the hose and husband doesn’t know any better. She is so excited that she may have found a cure.

The second night she repeats the same thing. However she wakes up in the morning to find her husband white as chalk, eyes blue and breathing very heavy.

“Husband, what’s the matter, are you ill?” “I think I should have listened to you and gone to see a doctor about my farts. At night I farted so hard that I woke to find that I farted my gut right out of my ass. It took me the whole night to shove it all back in. “

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