Whose gets to be the boss

The body parts are fighting over who gets to be the leader of the body. The legs speak up and say “we should be the boss because we are the strongest muscles and you couldn’t go anywhere without us.” The eyes respond, “we should be the boss because we see the world and without us, you wouldn’t know where to go.” After much arguing the brain final chimes in “I should be the boss because I’m the one who decides where and how we go.” All is quite until the anus announces, “I should be the leader.” And everybody erupts in laugher and the anus tries to argue for a little while and then finally shuts up in anger. More specifically he closes up, and stays that way. Days pass and everybody starts to understand. The whole body is in pain. The legs are weak but ache at the same time. The can’t see or focus well and everything is blurry. The brain can’t think but is flooded with panic and discomfort. Finally they all approach the anus and concede the leadership to him because he really controls where and how the body goes. The moral of the story is that to be the boss you don’t have to be the strongest or the smartest. You just have to be an asshole

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