When I was in college I got my first job as a bartender…

…during orientation the manager told me about some of the regulars including Doctor John. He said Doctor John would come in every Thursday and order the same thing, 2 maple daiquiri’s. It was pretty simple to make, some white rum, lime juice and maple syrup.

So my first Thursday shift arrived and Doctor John came in and ordered his 2 maple daiquiri’s, drank them, then he left.

Then the next week he came in and ordered the same thing. I go to make the daiquiri’s but when I go to add the syrup I see that there is a problem, there’s no maple syrup. I looked around and found some hickory syrup and thought since they are both woods that it would be a good substitute. So I add the syrup and give the drink to Doctor John, he takes 1 sip, spits it out and says ‘that’s not a maple daiquiri.’ I said: ‘No, that’s a hickory daiquiri Doc.’

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