What do pandas say on Halloween?


That’s the entire joke but this subreddit won’t let me post such a short joke, so I’ll tell a little story like one of those irritating-as-fuck internet recipe intros that gives WTMI. My four year old is fascinated by finding the perfect joke. He’ll often pick up on jokes from tv shows, especially when I laugh at them, trying to figure out what is funny and what’s not. He’s like the velociraptors in Jurassic Park that test the fences except he’s testing for what’s funny. Clever boy. Anyway today he told me this joke and as far as I can figure out, he came up with it. I’m a weird mix of proud but also potentially gutted. If this joke gets more than about 10 upvotes he’ll officially be funnier than me because that’s all my original jokes ever get. Anyway, I really think these last 10,000,000 words are enough from me, on to the recipe!

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