Two women, Mary and Margaret, go on a night out, leaving their husbands at home.

After a heavy night of Guinness, and while walking home through a large cemetery they both have a strong urge to relieve themselves. They each pop a squat behind a bush, and after doing the deed Mary calls over “psssst, hey Margaret! How are you going to, you know, wipe your butt?”

Margaret tells her “I’m going to use my underwear and toss them away after, they’re my cheap ones so I don’t care!”

Mary has a think about it, but she is wearing her best Victoria’s Secret panties and doesn’t really want to throw them away, so after a lot of debate she very regrettably decides to wipe herself with a wreath from a nearby grave, and then the two continue home.

The following day, their husbands are sitting in the bar. One tells the other “hey bud, I don’t think we should let our wives go out together any more. Margaret came home last night with no panties on”

The other tells him “you think that’s bad!? My wife came home with a card in her ass saying ‘from all the boys at the the station, we’re going to miss you’! “

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