Two women are smoking cigarettes outside…

…when all of a sudden, it starts to rain. One woman reaches into her pocketbook and pulls out a small square item. She tears it open and unfurls a condom, only to place it over her cigarette, which keeps it dry.

The other woman looks on in awe. “What is that thing? It’s genius! Normally I have to put out my smoke when it starts to rain – I have to get one of those!”

The first woman replies, “oh it’s just a condom. They sell them at the drug store around the corner.”

After work that day, the second woman hurries over to the drugstore and walks up to the pharmacist. “Excuse me sir, I’d like to buy some condoms.”

“Of course, ma’am! What size would you like?”

“Oh just one that will fit a camel”

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