Two women and a man are sitting at a park bench

The first woman looks across the bench at the man and studies his face.

“Oh my gosh” she said to the second woman,

“i think that’s Adolf Hitler”!

“It can’t be”, the second woman responds,

“he killed himself 70 years ago”.

But the first woman was sure this man was Hitler, so she leaned across the bench and asked the man,

“why excuse me, are you Adolf Hitler”?

The man looks up,

“indeed, i am Adolf Hitler”.

Both woman look at each other in shock,

“see”? says the first woman to the second,

“i told you that was Hitler”!

“My god you’re right”!

The second woman responds,

She turns her head to Hitler and asks,

“what are you doing here”?

“Well”, he whispers,

“i’m planning another mass homicide”.

“I’m going to kill another 6 million Jews, and 6 postmen”.

“Why the 6 postmen”?

The two woman ask simultaneously


Hitler responds,

“Still no-one gives a shit about the Jews”.

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