Two window cleaners are working at the airport building

One of them says, «I want to pee, let’s come down»

«Dude, just piss from here».

«But there are people down there».

«See that fountain? Lean down and aim right there, no one will notice»

«No way, I’ll fall down»

«Don’t worry man, I’ll hold you by the galluses»

So he aims into the fountain and does the deed, but right after that the second man sneezes and loosens his grip, and the first one falls down like a sack of shit.

Several months after, three women are in the cafe, talking about men.

— I’ll tell you, the most sex thirsty men are Italians. When I was there on vacation, I couldn’t make a step without them hitting on me!

— No, it’s Mexicans. These sweaty hairy macho men undress you with their eyes every second!

— That’s nothing compared to Australia.

— Why is that?

— I’ve been there last year. Right after I walk out of the airport building, I sense something dripping from above. I raise my head, and see a man flying towards me, with pants down, holding his dick with both hands and screaming:

— C-C-C-C-U-U-U-U-U-U-N-T!!!!!

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