Two statues, a man and woman, had stood watch in a park for along time.

One day, an angel came down and told the statues, “You two have stood watch in this park for so long and have been such exemplary statues, as a reward, I will snap my fingers, and you two will come to life for 30 minutes.” The angel snapped his fingers, and the two statues blinked to life.

“What do we do now?” Asked the female statue.

“You can do whatever you want for the next 30 minutes.”

The male statue looked at the woman and smiled, the woman looked coyly at the man, they took hands and walked into the bushes. The angel sat on a bench and could hear giggling and rustling sounds coming from the bushes.

After about 15 minutes, they came out with very satisfied looks on their faces. The angel checked his watch and said, “you’ve still got about 15 minutes.”

The woman’s eyes brightened, and she looked excitedly at her male partner.

“That’s fantastic! This time, you hold the pigeon down and I’ll shit on his head!”

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