Two rich kids are caught doing drugs by a cop…

The cop recognizes them and tells them: “Since you have parents in high places, I’m gonna offer you a propisition. In 3 days from now, I want to find other teens like yourself and convince them to quit drugs.”

3 days have past, and the two come to the officer with their results.

The first kid tells him: “I talked 17 out of drugs.”

The cops asks him: “17!? What did you do?”

So the kid response: “I showed them a drawing with 2 circles, and I told them ‘The big circle is your brain before drugs, and the small one is after that.'”

And then the other kid’s turn: “I talked 170 out of drugs.”

Amused, the cop says: “170!?! I thought the other kid was good. What did you do?!”

So he says: “I did the same thing as he did, except I told them ‘the small circle is your asshole before prison, and the big one is after that.”

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