Two nuns went to shop at the market. They were taking so long so one said

  • Sister Mary it is getting dark and we are so far away from the convent.
  • I know Sister Rose but there is a man following us.
  • Oh! What does he want.
  • To rape us.
  • What can we do.
  • Let’s separate. You go left and I will go right.
  • He followed Sister Rose.
  • Sister Mary reached the convent and was worried.
  • After an hour Sister Rose appeared.
  • What happend?
  • I started to run and so did he.
  • And then?
  • He caught up with me.
  • Oh my God. And what did you do.
  • I lifted up my dress.
  • Sister! And what did he do.
  • Dropped his pants.
  • And then?
  • Its obvious isn’t it. . . .
  • A nun with her dress lifted up can run faster than a man with his pants down.

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