Two Newfies are flying a plane

Two Newfies were flying a plane and were getting ready to land.

The pilot says to the co-pilot “Alright let’s get ready to land! Follow procedure and adjust the tail flaps!”

The plane continues on it’s path towards the runway. The pilot notices that the runway looks a little short and says to the co-pilot “We got ourselves a small runway! Deploy the landing gear now!”

The plane continues to get closer to the runway and the pilot notices that the runway is VERY small.

The pilot, now very nervous says to the co-pilot “Holy shit this runway is small! Cut the engine and prepare for IMMEDIATE landing!”

The pilot and co-pilot cut the planes engine and work together to finally land the plane on the runway.

After catching their breath, the pilot and co pilot look left, then right. Finally the pilot says “Damn, this is one small runway. Sure is wide though!”

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