Two men were out stranded in a desert…

They were starving and had almost given up all hopes of survival. The first man squints and sees a remote Muslim temple on the near horizon. Filled with hope, the two men rush as fast as they can to the mosque, until they are right outside the entrance. Just before they enter, the second man decides that he doesn’t think the priest inside would be willing to help him, so he pretends his name is Mohammad and ties his shirt around his head like a turban. The first man stumbles into the temple and kneels before the priest. ‘Please sir, I have been lost in the desert for nearly a week now. Would you be kind enough to give me some food?’ The priest feels sorry for the first man and gives him all he needs. The second man then stumbles in and kneels before the priest. ‘Your holiness, my name is Mohammad and I have been lost in this desert for almost a week now. Could you please supply me with food?’ The priest smiled at the second man and said ‘I would help if I could my friend, but you of all people should know it’s Ramadan…’

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