Two men are sitting at a bar in the United States, drinking beer

One turns to the other. “Where are you from, friend?” “Ireland.” “Hey! I’m from Ireland too.” “Neat! What part are you from?” “Munster.” “Oi! Me too!” “No way! What part of Munster?” “Killarney.” “You’re kidding, that’s where I’m from!” “You gotta be kidding lad! Where did you go to school?” “St. Mary’s.” “I went to St. Mary’s!” “What are the odds?? What street did you live on in Killarney?” “Down on Baker Street, right next door to the Callaghan family.” “I can’t believe it, I lived on Baker Street next door to the Callaghan’s too!”

The bartender has been listening to their conversation all night as she works. The next bartender comes in to relieve her. “Anything interesting going on tonight?” he asks. She replies,

“Not really. The O’Brien twins got drunk together again.”

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