Two mates were reminiscing about the party they’d been at the week before..

“Great party that, last week, wasn’t it?” “Wow, yes, great food, great booze, great girls…and a posh house to boot.” “Posh house?? it was a suburban semi?” “Never….they had a gold-plated toilet?” “What?, I can’t remember that, you must have been drunk.” “No, honestly, I remember thinking…’posh!’ ” The argument went backwards and forwards…yes, no, yes, no. Finally they decided to prove once and for all who was correct….they looked up the address and went to the house. A woman came to the door and one of the men said…”Excuse me, we were at your party last weekend and we’re having a difference of opinion, tell us please…have you, or have you not, got a gold-plated toilet? My mate here says ‘yes’ but I disagree.” The woman turned round and shouted to her husband… “George….I’ve found the bastard that crapped in your trombone!”

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