Two lice meet after many years and discuss about their lives.

The first one looks very healthy, while the other one is very sick.

“You look terrible”, says the first one. “Why is that?”.

“Well, I live in the mustache of a Harley Davidson motorcyclist, who rides all the time and the cold wind makes me get sick. How about you? You look so healthy”.

“I have the solution for you. Do what I did. Go to a public toilet and wait for a girl to come in. Once she undresses, jump to her genital area and stay there. It’s very warm, trust me. You’ll feel better after few days”.

After a couple of weeks they meet again. The second louse again looks very sick.

“What happened”, says the first one. “Did you do what I told you?”.

“Well, I did. I went to a public toilet, as you said, waited for a woman to come and undress and jumped to her ‘thing’ when I found the opportunity. Everything was fine. I felt very warm there and my health got better the 4 first days. On the fifth day though, I can’t even understand how I ended up again on the motorcyclist mustache.”.

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