Two hunters are tracking a deer when they stumble upon a deep hole…

They can’t see the bottom of this hole and were wanting to see how deep it went. One of the hunters found an anvil next to the hole and threw it down. They were waiting to hear the thud of the anvil hitting the ground but they didn’t hear anything. Suddenly, the hunters heard a charging sound. The hunters turned around and see a goat charging at them going at least 20 mph. They jump out of the way and barely dodge the charging goat. It fell into the hole. Walking away, somewhat distraught, they met a farmer walking around. The farmer asked if either of the hunters saw a goat around there. One of the hunters said “ya, it charged right past me and I dodged it and the goat fell into the hole.” “That’s weird,” said the farmer, “I tied him to an anvil.”

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