Two guys want to go out drinking.

They both have no money, but only 50 Cent. “No worries” said the first guy “I have an idea, how we can drink the whole night anyway. Let’s go to the butcher and buy a sausage for 50 Cent. I put it in my pants. We go to a bar and after finishing our drinks, you go on your knees, open my pants and put the sausage in your mouth until we get kicked out”.

The other guy is sceptical about this endavour, but eventually agrees. They go to a bar. After finishing their beer, the guy goes on his knees, opens the other guy’s pants and puts the sausage in his mouth. The bartender is furious, screams insults and kicks them out.

After leaving, the one guy asks the other victoriously. “So, did we pay anything?”. “No” the other guy had to admit.

They repeat the procedure: drinking, kneeing, sausage, getting kicked out. Bar after bar, after bar, after bar…

After fifteen bars, the one guy complains. “Man, I can’t go down anymore. My knees hurt so badly!”.

The other one goes “What about me, man?! After five bars, I already lost the god damn sausage!”

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