Two guys wanna go bar hopping, but they are broke.

So they try to think of a plan.

One guy thought of something: “Hey I got an idea. I have a pack of hot dogs here. Why don’t I bring them to every bar we go to. We run up our tab, and when we’re ready to leave, I’ll put a hot dog in my pants and you pretend you’re blowing me. People freak out and we get kicked out without paying.”

The other guy thinks it’s a good idea. So they do this bar after bar and keep getting kicked out, so the plan is working. At about the 8th bar, the other guy is starting to get tired and complain.

“Man we should go home now. I’m getting exhausted. I’m tired, my neck hurts from all of this pretend blowing I’m doing. I think I’m done.”

The guy with the hot dogs says, “You think YOU got it bad? I ran out of hot dogs 3 bars ago!”

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