Two guys walking in the forest and find a hole

They look down its cavernous depths and are amazed that they can’t see the bottom.

So one of them tosses a small piece of tree branch in. They wait and wait and there is no sound of it hitting the bottom.

The other one forages around and finds a good sized rock and tosses it in. They wait and wait, and there is still no sound of it hitting the bottom!

The two of them are quite amazed and start looking around for even bigger things to drop in. One finds an larger rock and tosses it in. Nothing. The other finds a broken off portion of a tree stump and hauls it in. Still nothing.

The two of them by this point are getting extremely curious and even a little bit scared so they look around for something even bigger to throw in. After walking a bit one of them spies a chunk of metal that upon further inspection appears to be a railroad tie.

The two of them heave and ho and manage to haul it over into the hole. And there is still no sound!

The two of them decide they have had enough and turn around and start walking out of the forest.

Just as they start walking a goat comes running toward them at incredible speed, baa’ing furiously, and then dives head first straight into the hole. (Still no sound).

The two shoot each other a “WTF?” look and continue walking. A few minutes later a man dressed like a farmer comes walking by and says, “Have you two seen my goat around here?”

One of the men says, “Well, actually, yes, it was so bizarre, we just saw a goat run by us and dive into this hole back there!”

“No, that wasn’t my goat,” the farmer says, “No, my goat was leashed to a railroad tie.”

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