Two guys get lost in a desert

They keep walking for days and weeks, with no water or food, losing all hope to make it out alive. Suddenly, they see a building in the distance and when they get close, they realize it’s a mosque. The first guy, Dave, says: “Finally! They are muslims, they will help us, but we need to say that we are muslims as well!”

The second guy, Jack says: “No way, I am Christian, and I will never present myself as a muslim.”

Dave says: “Alright, but we must go in. From now on, I’m Mohamed.”

They then walk in and Dave says: “I’m Mohamed, this is my friend Jack. We are lost, and we haven’t eaten for days. Can you please help us?”

The muslim ordered the other men: “Go bring some food here for Jack, give him whatever he wants to eat and drink!

“And for you Mohamed, happy Ramadan!”

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