Two guys find a huge hole while walking in the forest.

They can’t even see the bottom. So they take a couple of rocks and toss them down. They wait and wait for the sound of the rocks hitting the bottom but they hear nothing. So they find a really large rock. It takes both of them, but they get it over the edge and down it goes. Still no sound. Then they see this giant log. I mean a HUGE log. It takes them a full 11 minutes of hard work but eventually they manage to push it in. Then out of nowhere a goat comes running like a flash of lightning and jumps into the hole.

Still no sound.

So they laugh and begin to walk back home. On the way back they pass a farmer. He walks up to them and asks, “have y’all seen my goat?”

They respond that there was one that ran and jumped into a hole.

He says, “Nah that couldn’t be mine, mine was tied up to this giant log.”

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