Two guys and a girl become shipwrecked on a deserted island…

…but fortunately there is plenty of food and fresh water. Over the next few months, they build a little community: all three craft little huts out of sticks and leaves, and they fairly split up all the tasks and chores essential to their survival. They even build a little church where they go to pray every Sunday.

But after a little while, everyone gets, well, restless. To be blunt, they’re all horny and have no sexual outlets. Being devoutly religious people, pre-marital sex is out of the question.

So, they come up with a system. The woman marries one of the men for a week, then gets a divorce and marries the other man for a week. They just go back and forth like this. This way, each of the guys get seven days full of sex every other week, and the girl gets laid whenever she wants.

This situation works out great, and their three-person community is thriving. But after eight months of this, the woman gets bit by a poisonous snake and dies.

The first week is really rough. The second week is even worse. The third week is just plain terrible. The fourth week is practically unbearable. So on the fifth week, they decide to bury the body.

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