Two good friends, a doctor and a priest, are out golfing one fine day.

They step up to tee off at the first hole. The priest drives a beautiful shot down the fairway. The doctor steps up next and fires off a worm-burner straight into the rough.

The doctor grumbles loudly, “Fuck, I missed.”

The priest reproves him, “Please, Ted, don’t swear in front of me.”

“Sorry, Bill,” the doctor apologizes.

They get to the second hole and the same scenario plays out. The priest fires off with a gorgeous shot right down the fairway while the doctor’s is less than stellar, landing in the rough once more.

And once more, the doctor rattles off, “Fuck, I missed.”

Yet again, the priest politely requests, “Please don’t swear around me.” Jokingly, he adds, “God might strike you down, you know.”

“Sorry, Bill, sorry,” the doctor apologizes.

At the third hole, you guessed it, the priest’s tee-off is immaculate. The doctor, who clearly needs some practice, hits his worst shot so far.

He bellows, “FUCK! I MISSED!”

A bolt of lightning streaks down from the clear, blue sky and …

… it blasts the priest into oblivion.

A loud, booming voice from the sky calls out, “Fuck! I missed!”

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