Two Ghosts Walk Into A Bar

Ghost 1: Hey bro, you new here?

Ghost 2: Yeah.

Ghost 1: So, how did you die?

Ghost 2: I got locked in a fridge. At first I was still fine, but then I slowly suffocated and froze to death.

Ghost 1: Damn that’s terrible. Sorry to hear that.

Ghost 2: How ’bout you? How did you die?

Ghost 1: Heart Attack.

Ghost 2: But you look so young, what happened?

Ghost 1: I caught my wife having an affair. When I got home I saw a pair of male shoes by the door so I ran to the bedroom. I saw my wife naked and clearly tired. I ransacked the whole house looking for the man, I searched every closet, all the bathrooms, I even tried searching inside the ceiling. I never caught the guy. Then suddenly I felt tightness in my chest and I collapsed in the kitchen.

Ghost 2: YOU’RE SUCH AN IDIOT!! If you’d open the fridge to get a glass of water we would both still be alive!

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