Two gay men were on a train trip

During the night when everyone in the train were sleeping, one of the gay men got horny.

“Come on, lets do it!”

“No, let’s not”


“Maybe the other travelling people will be bothered and awoken by it.”

“No, they won’t! They’re all sleeping like pigs. Let me show you. ANYONE GOT A LIGHTER?” See, no one answered, because they are all sleeping.”

“Alright, let’s go.”

The morning after, the conductor of the train asked the travelers if they had a good night of sleep.

Then, a drowsy and disturbed-looking old man in the back of the train replied.

“No, I didn’t sleep very well at all.”

“Why not?” Replied the train conductor.

“I was freezing.”

“You could’ve asked for a blanket.”

“I was afraid to ask. There was a guy asking for a lighter, and he got fucked in the ass by someone for three hours.”

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