Two gay guys live in a house…

This is a joke to tell your friends!!

Two gay guys live in a house. One night they’re bored so the one gay guy says to the other

“Do you wanna play the game where you find something in the house, stick it up my ass, and I guess what it is?”

“Hell yeah!”

So the one gay guy bends over the couch blind folded while the other guy goes to the kitchen and grabs the wooden spoon. He runs back and sticks it in there. Without flinching he says

“Oh! That’s the wooden spoon!”

The other guy runs to the closet and grabs the broomstick. He runs back and shoves it in there. It takes a second, but he quickly responds.

“That’s the broomstick!”

Before the other guy runs off he says, “One more time and then it’s my turn!”

He runs upstairs to the bathroom and grabs the…

(This is where you have a confused look on your face, as if you can’t put your tongue on this name. and start doing the motion of using a plunger. Everytime, someone will scream out plunger!! You hurry up and point to the asshat that says it and say

“Oh! You’ve play this game?!”

Been using it for over 13 years and works 70% of the time, all the time!

I hope you like it!

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