Two gay guys are on a plane

Two gay guys are on a plane.

“Dude, what if we had sex?” asks the first one.

“You crazy? Here, on the plane? It would be awkward, everyone would watch us doing it…” says the second one

“Man, nobody is even paying attention to anything. Look!”

He stands up and asks loudly “Does anyone have a pencil?”

Nobody gives a damn. Everyone is busy or just not paying attention.

“They really wouldn’t care then, would they?”

So the two have wild sex on the plane.

Later, when the plane arrives to the airport and everyone are leaving, the stewardess sees an old man who threw up all over his shirt, even his pants are soaking in the filth.

“Sir, you should’ve asked for a bag!”

“I didn’t dare” whispers the old man.
“A few rows ahead I saw a man asking for a pencil and he got fucked in the ass…”

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