Two friends find a pit, seemingly bottomless…

They decide to throw a small stone in to see how far down the pit is. They throw it down, but they never hear it land. So, they throw an even bigger stone in, but to no avail. As they throw increasingly larger stones into the pit, they still hear nothing, and they begin to lose hope. However, as they start to walk away, they see a large railroad tie laying on the ground. They each take an end, drag it over to the pit, and drop it in. Once again, they hear nothing.

Suddenly, as they started walking away, a goat raced across the ground at an unnatural speed. It flew toward the pit, and then dropped in. The two friends were bewildered, but continued to walk away. On their way, they met a farmer. They told the farmer about the bottomless pit, and then about the goat that darted into it. The farmer, in amazement, replied, “Gee, glad it wasn’t my goat. Mine’s safely attached to a railroad tie.”

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