Two Englishmen crash in the desert…

They begin to trek through the sands trying to find help. After a day and night of walking the two men are dying from thirst and so incredibly hungry when they spot 3 camels crest the nearest dune and head towards them.

One man turns to the other and says, “Thank goodness, we’re saved!” and begins to wave.

The second man says “Wait, if they are Muslim they may kill us!”

The first man replies “Don’t be daft, why would they do that?”

“Because we’re English! Look, just call me Mohammed while we’re around them!”

“Fine, but I’m not lying!”

When the riders reach them they call out in greeting and asked the men their names, the first man says “I’m David, thank you so much for finding us! I thought we would die!”

The second man says “My name is Mohammed, thank you for finding us!”

The leader of the 3 riders looks at the first man and says, “Come, we have food and shelter for you.” and he is led away by one of the men, he then turns and faces the second man, “Salaam Mohammed, Ramadan mubarak!”

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