Two construction workers are working in a building.

One works on the first floor and the other works on the 2nd floor.

That day the construction worker on the first floor realized that he needed a handsaw, so he yells up to the second construction worker and said, “Hey Tim! I need a handsaw, can you please throw one down to me!?!”

Tim couldn’t hear so he looked at him and was like, “What!?”

So the first construction worker decides to point to his “eye” which means “I”, then he points to his knee, which means “I NEED” then he makes a handsaw cutting motion with his hands meaning “I need a handsaw.”

Tim sees this, nods, pulls out his dick and then starts masturbating.

The first construction worker sees this, gets angry and runs up to Tim and yells, “Tim what is wrong with you! I told you I needed a handsaw!”

Tim then looks at him and says, “I know. I just wanted to tell you that I was coming.”

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