Two Canadians die and go to hell.

Satan puts them in their own cell and turns up the heat to 49C, figuring that’s a good temperature to start newcomers. He comes back a while later to find the Canadians shirtless but smiling.

“It never gets this warm in Canada we’re enjoying while it lasts.” One of them explains when a mystified Satan asks why they aren’t miserable.

Angry, Satan turns up the heat to 60C figuring nobody could ever enjoy that. But low and behold he returns to their cell and sees that a bunch of other Canadians have turned up and are having a cookout.

Furious, Satan decides to try a different tactic and instead turns the thermostat all the way down to -20C, and all of hell freezes over.

Cackling, Satan visits their cell and finds the Canadians having a roaring party.

“HOW CAN YOU BE HAPPY!?!” He demands.

“The Maple Leafs just won the Stanley Cup!” The Canadians shout triumphantly.

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