Two buddies are walking through the forest

One is Jewish and the other is Czechoslovakian. Suddenly, a bear jumps out at them and eats the Czechosolovakian. The Jewish guy runs to town to get help. He find a hunter, who says that if they hurry there is still a chance to cut open the bear and get the man out alive, but if they can’t get to him fast enough he will die.

They track the bear back to its den, where they find not one but two bears, a male and a female.

The hunter says, “Quick, which bear was it?There’s just enough time to save him if we get the right one.”

The Jew says the male bear, so they kill it and cut it open, but lo- it was the wrong bear. So they kill the female bear and cut it open. They find the Czech inside, but sadly it’s too late and he is already dead.

The moral of the story is, never trust a Jew when he says the Czech is in the male.

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