Two Brothers are running a prostitution house…

Two brothers are running a prostitution house, but they are not making any money. After trying numerous ideas to increase profits, Vadim, the older brother, came up with a plan.

“Why don’t we just put a blow up doll in the bed under the covers?”

Igor, his younger brother, replied “That’s crazy”.

“No, no, trust me. These customers are always piss drunk anyway. They won’t even notice. We have nothing to lose.”

They bought the blowup doll and set it up in a dark room upstairs. They sent the first customer up. 20 minutes later the customer came down, paid his tab and left.

The brothers were surprised it worked. A few more customers came and went and paid their tab without a word.

The brothers were celebrating and drinking having solved their financial woes when a customer came down frantic.

“Oh my god, oh my god” the customer cried.

“What happened sir?”

“I don’t know, everything was going great. But when I bit her tits she farted and jumped out the window”

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