Two boys knock on a farmer’s front door …

One of the boys says, “Sir, we noticed you have a big field full of honeysuckle and we wondered if we could go get some honey.”

The farmer replied, “Well, boys, you’re welcome to try but you know you can’t get honey from honey suckle, right?”

“Just give us a shot!” they suggested. They returned and had 3 buckets of honey.

The farmer couldn’t believe it!

While the boys were going after the honeysuckle they noticed the farmer also had a large field full of buttercups so they asked, “Would you mind if we got some butter from that field?”

The farmer replied, “You boys know you can’t get butter from buttercups, right?

“Just give us a shot!”

Low and behold they came back with quite a load of butter and the farmer couldn’t believe it.

Later on after lunch, they came back to the farmer’s house and said “Sir, we noticed you had some pussywillow over in…”

The farmer cut the boys off and said, “Hold on, boys! Let me get my hat!”

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