Two best friends apart

This joke about two very good friends who grew up together. Tom and Jim. Tom decides to go out of the country for work, and asks his best friend Jim to look after his mother and his cat. Jim promises that he will, and that he will write to Tom to keep in touch.

While working overseas Tom gets a letter: “Dear Tom, your cat is dead. Jim”

Tom is bewildered with grief and writes back to Jim:

“Dear Jim, is there really no way you could have been a bit more gentle with such news, it came as such shock.

You could have written me a few letters, something like: Your cat is suddenly often walking on the roofs, and I am worried that he will fall off.

Then in next letter you tell me that the cat has fallen off the roof, and that the Veterinarians are doing everything they can.

And THEN you conclude in a third letter that the cat has passed away, that way I am prepared for such shock.

Thanks Tom”

Few weeks later Tom receives a new letter: “Dear Tom, Sorry I was so insensitive. By the way, Your mum is suddenly often walking high up on the roofs, and I am worried that she will fall off.”

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