Two ants, a mother and her daughter, were out for a walk in their underground city.

They were having a lovely day until they came upon a group of protesters outside the queen’s domain. One of them, with a sign reading “It’s time to GO!”, spotted them and quickly approached.

“Excuse me ma’am, do you have a moment to take a look at some alarming literature and help support our cause?” he half-shouted at her.

The mother held up her hand and tried to pass, but the protester blocked her and continued. “It is imperative that we evacuate the colony! Did you know that the dirt we live in, that we raise our children in, contains magnesium and aluminum? And God knows what else!”

Again, she politely but firmly shook her head, and pulled her daughter along, as the protester shouted after her, “You owe it to your children to evacuate now!!”

After they got some distance, the young ant looked up worriedly at her mother. “Was that man right, momma? Are we in danger?”

The mother smiled at her daughter. “No, sweetheart. Don’t worry. Just because they use big words to try to scare us, doesn’t mean the Ant Evacs movement has any idea what it’s talking about.”

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