Two aliens land at a deserted gas station…

Two aliens land at a deserted gas station. They climb out of their space ship and all they can see is a gas pump.

The first alien looks right at the gas pump and says “Take me to your leader”.

Not surprisingly the gas pump says nothing.

The alien repeats “Take me to you leader or I’ll shoot”. Again, no response from the gas pump. The second alien warns his friend that this is a bad idea.

Frustrated the first alien says “Last chance, take me to you leader before I shoot.” His friend warns more strongly that this is a bad idea.

Having lost his patience, the first alien pulls out his blaster and shoots the gas pump. There is a huge explosion and the two of them go flying through the air lading 100 feet away.

As they’re laying on the ground the first alien looks at the other and says “How did you know that was a bad idea?”

His friend replied, “Any guy who can take his dick, wrap it around his head, and then shove it in his ear is a bad motherfucker!”

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