Twins Timmy and Tommy wake up Christmas morning and discover they each have three presents.

Timmy opens his first present, its a brand new PS4 with games.

Tommy opens his first present, and its an old, worn out sweater.

Timmy opens his second present, and its a brand new Flat Screen TV.

Tommy opens his second present and its an old, broken down tube TV.

Timmy opens his 3rd present and its a VR headset.

Tommy opens his 3rd present and its a busted pair of sunglasses.

Now that opening presents is over, Timmy and Tommy are now analyzing each others presents and looking to see how their presents stack up against each other.

Timmy says “Boy, it sure looks like I beat you in Christmas this year.”

Tommy swiftly responds, “Oh yeah? Well at least I don’t have terminal cancer.”

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