Twas a slow and quiet day in the little Irish parish

so Father Oriley decided to go for a stroll down by docks. He ran into Patrick, the local firsherman who just about to head off in his boat.

Patrick offered to take the Father out fishing for the afternoon since he was bored so they headed off. About an hour of fishing later the priest got a huge bite and reeled in one of the biggest fish Patrick had seen, astounded and not thinking he blurted out “Wow Father would you look at the size of that fucker!”

The priest said, “Exsuse me son you are in the company of a man of the cloth would you mind watching your language.”

Patrick thinking quick to save face said “No no Father, you got me all wrong, thats what it is called a fucker.”

Anyways the priest go back to the parish and runs into sister Mary “Sister Mary, would you mind cleaing and gutting this fucker for me?”

She too was astouned at the language used but the priest explained that was what type of fish it was. So she cleans it and takes it to the Mother superior. “Mother superior, do you feel like cooking a meal with this fucker this evening?”

She was taken aback too, but sister Mary expalined and it was off to the stove. Now believe it or not, by fluke, the Pope decided to drop by that night and they invited him to stay for tea. After they had eaten the pope declared “That was a beautiful dish!”

To which the priest replied “I caught the fucker!”

Sister Mary “I cleaned and gutted the fucker!”

And the Mother superior, “And I cooked the fucker!”

Well you could of heard a pin drop, the Pope was flabbergasted, his expression deadpan, he pushed his seat back and stared at all 3 of them. Then he pulled a bottle of whisky out of his pocket, lit up a cigarett and said “You know what, you c@#nts are ok”

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