Truly old, but still one of my favorites: A six-year-old boy and his grandpa are sitting at a table.

The grandpa is sitting on a rocking chair, eating his cookies. The boy asks him:

-Can you give me some of your cookies?

-Can your pee-pee reach your butthole?

-Err… no…

-Then you’re not old enough, kid.

A few years pass and the two find themselves in a similar situation. The boy’s grandpa is smoking a cigarette and the twelve-year-old asks him:

-Hey, grandpa, can you give me one of your cigarettes?

-Can your dick reach your asshole?

-No, it can’t…

-Then you’re just not old enough, kid.

The boy hadn’t visited his grandfather for a long time, and meanwhile he grows into a man. One day he decides to visit his grandpa and once again they’re sitting at a table. Grandpa is sitting in his old rocking chair, pouring whiskey into his glass. The man asks his grandpa:

-Hey, grandpa, can I get some of that whiskey?

-Can your dick reach your asshole?

The man now proudly answers:

-Yes, yes, it can.

-Then you can go fuck yourself.

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