Tring moves to America and brings along his two sons named Ling and Ving.

Growing up, in school, Ving always got shit for his name being so strange, but the other kids didn’t think Ling was weird so they left him alone.

As a result, Ving hated his name and when he turned eighteen, he decided he would change it. So, Ving went to the courthouse, pays a fee to start the paperwork, and while he’s filling out the form Ling comes in and tells Ving he can’t do it:

“You’re really going through with it?” Ling asked.

“Yeah, I’m changing my name to Lee–I’m tired of my name always getting so much attention.”

“Dad gave us those names because he’s proud of our family. He told me that was your great grandfather’s name. You can’t change it, it would be so disrespectful,” Ling said.

Ving started to waiver, and then he caved.

The clerk chimed in: “Just so you know, at this point in the process, there is a $20 fee to reverse the filing.”

“I got it, don’t worry about it,” Ling says.

Just at that moment, Tring burst into the courthouse and said, “Don’t stop! Be Lee, Ving–hold on to that fee, Ling.”

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