Town idiot got fed up of how dumb he is and decided to off himself

He hikes up the mountain to jump off the ledge. He’s finally 30 feet away from the ledge when he hears an old man’s voice “What r u doing up here young man?

The guy turns around and tells him about how he’s the town idiot and fed up with his own stupidity and how he can’t take it anymore. The old man chuckles and says. “You’re not dumb, ur young, and u have ur whole life to live” the idiot insists that he is one and says that’s the only way out of his miserable life. The old man pleads with him not to go through with it saying that he isn’t an idiot and that it’s all a state of mind. “Look! I have 3 riddles. If you can answer any of them correctly you’re not an idiot.

Intrigued the guy accepts and the old man lifeline and received the first riddle. “What’s white on the outside, yellow on the inside, and is oval-shaped?” The guy answers quickly “I dunno”. The old man exclaims “An egg!”.

Guy “omg how did I not get that I can’t believe I didn’t get that and walks 10 feet towards the ledge. The old man yells wait wait! There are still 2 questions left. “What are two things that Ovals shaped, white on the outside and yellow inside? The man scratches his head and quickly replies] “I dunno” Oldman says “2 eggs!!!

“Omg I can’t believe I didn’t get that one either. Walks 10 feet to the ledge and the old man yells wait! There is still one more question. “Think carefully now! Please take your time!! What’re 3 things that are yellow inside, white outside and oval-shaped? Think about it. Take your time!” The guy ponders the question and can’t seem to think of anything. He says “what are they?” Oldman replies “Eggs! 3 eggs!!”

“Omg I can’t believe I didn’t get it right this time either it was so simple!” Walks right up to the ledge when the old man desperately screams waaaait! Please. Just give me one more question. It’ll be different this time. You’ll get it I promise!” The guy now standing at the ledge says “Go on! What is it?!”

Oldman says “What animal walks on all fours, purrs, says meow meow, and I’ll give u another hint. Its name begins with the letter. CAT!”

The guy looks at the Oldman in wonder and smiles calmly as the Oldman smiles back and walks towards him. The guy says “Oldman, you sly sly devil, it’s 4 eggs isn’t it?!”

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