Tony and Rose

Tony’s on his death bed, taking his last breaths.

Rose, his wife of forty years sits by his side.

Tony calls her over and says, “Rose, after forty years, on my death bed, I have finally learned what you are to me!”

Rose replies, “What, my love?”

Tony goes on, “When we met in Italy, I had nothing, but you stay with me. When we travel to the USA and all our luggage is lost and we are penniless, you are by my side. When I work at the factory and never get ahead, you’re always home for me. When I finally save enough to buy a convenience store and then have to pay almost all my money to the mob for protection, you stay by my side Then finally, we start to make money but the store burns down, we’re broke again, but you never leave me. And now, I am dying, I have nothing, but you are right by my side. And Rose, my dear Rose, now I know what you are to me!”

Rose replies, “Tell me!, Please!”

Tony takes his last breath and replies, “You’re a goddamn jinx!”

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