Tom, Dick, and Harry were in a bar

Talking through the late hours of the night into the morning. A little after midnight they got into an argument over the difference between irritation, anger, and frustration. Finally Tom bets the other two $50 that he can demonstrate that with just three phone calls. So they take the bet. They all walk to the pay phone on the street. “Listen carefully, this is irritation,” says Tom, picking up the phone and dialling a random number. “Hello, is Charlie there?” he asked. “Charlie? I don’t know any Charlie, why are you calling at this time of night?” Came the irate reply. “Oh, sorry” said Tom, hanging up. “Now let me show you anger” he said, picking up the phone and dialling the same number again. “Hello, is Charlie there?” He asked. “I just told you there’s nobody like that here!! Stop calling and let me sleep!” Said the now angry man. “Oh, I’m sorry”said Tom and hung up. “And now I’ll show you frustration” he said picking up the phone and dialling the same number. “Hello,” he asked. “This is Charlie. Have there been any calls for me?”

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