A guy was walking down the street when he glanced down an alley and saw that it was almost entirely demolished. In the center of the rubble laid a man with all his teeth missing and blood pouring from his mouth.

The bystander ran up to the injured man. “What happened?”

“Well, I wath jutht walking along, minding my own buthinethth, when all of a thudden a group of bank robberth ran by. And they were being followed by that group of thuperheroeth.”

“The Avengers?”

“Yeah, them! Anyway, a big green guy jumped in the air and landed in the middle of them and thtarted fighting them.”

“The Hulk?”

“Yeah, that guy! Then a guy in an iron thuit joined the fight and thtarted firing light beamth at them.”

“Iron Man?”

“Yeah, him! Then a guy with a winged helmet pulled out a giant hammer and threw it at the criminalth, but the hammer hit the wall and I got hit in the mouth with a whole lot of brickth!”


“I’ll thay, it hurtth like hell!”

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