Three shepherd go out into the field, prepared to take their flock to far away pastures…

There’s two old men and one young man who going out in his first long trek.

On the third evening, when they’re sitting around the campfire, the young man asks “hey guys tell me, what do you do if you get horny out here all alone?”

“We fuck the sheep” one old man tells him.

“Really? I can do that” the young man asks

“Sure” says the other old man, “go ahead!”

So the young man takes off his clothes and goes into the flock. He find a sheep and starts fucking it. Meanwhile the two old men are laughing their asses of… holding their stomachs… wiping their eyes.

The young man comes back angry “hey, why are you laughing at me?”

“Out of all these sheep” says one old man “you chose to fuck the ugliest one!”

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